13 March 2012

Le Grand Finale

Louis Vuitton

The final day of an exhausting Fashion Month started with a remarkable show that a lot of us are going to bring back in mind for years and years to come...
   The train arrived at ten and models started disembark, followed by their porters carrying their precious leather Louis Vuitton luggages. Marc Jacobs has done a terrific job for Louis Vuitton all these past fifteen years he's been working for the label and so was this collection, too. The Stephen Jones hats, just like in the Marc Jacobs colection, just blew your mind and the oversized silhouettes reminded you of another times. The only thing that disappointed me was that, in spite of adoring the silhouettes, they were looking a lot to those at the Marc Jacobs show, still the textiles were more luxurious. Thus, the following queries have been surrounding my mind since then: Why would anyone use the same patterns for two different shows? Is it Marc Jacobs style that has invaded Louis Vuitton, or the opposite? Is it a lack of inspiration? And if so, why doesn't he quit?
   But that's just my own perspective. Some may consider it a good aspect, the creation of two slightly different versions of a single collection. However, Miuccia Prada played also with this aspect with her Miu Miu collection that took place some hours later. Though it was not the same, as what Miuccia used for both her collections was not the silhouettes, it was the 1970s' spirit  prints, those reminding of wallpapers. And of course both collections were based on pantsuits, after many years of skirts, but this is something totally different and, at the very least, we are talking about her own two labels, not her work for another label.
   As for the rest, they played more safely presenting cute, still non-innovative slim silhouettes, while the most interesting works were Masha Ma's constructive trompe-l'-oeil dresses, as well as Allude's burgundy, pashmina-belted pantsuits and Elie Saab's peplum skirtsuits.

Louis Vuitton 
Talbot Runhof

Arzu Kaprol


Miu Miu

Masha Ma

Elie Saab

Maison Rabih Kayrouz

Collette Dinnigan
Lie Sang Bong

Photos: various places

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