23 March 2012

A candy world

    Louis Vuitton's candy-coloured ad campaign for S/S 2012 is just perfect!
The collection itself is a big hit, but the ad campaign is another level. So girly and feminine, so much PINK! It reminds me of innocent girl stuff-talks in the 1950s, like the first kiss or who's the most handsome boy at school. 
I loved the big lace collars and the large white buttons on the tweed skirtsuits. And the hair, it was amazing! Marc Jacobs did a great job again! But I started dreaming of pale colours now, like mint, yellow and pink...and the worst I started dreaming of colourful fatty treats, like cupcakes, macarons and candies. The bad thing is only that it's 12 o' clock at night here aka a bit hard to find any of these, which means I 'm going to eat my vanilla ice cream leftovers... (thank God there are some strawberries too in the fridge). 
I'm going for the fridge raid now...




  1. very nice update. u have a great style feeling:)

    come and visit us

    xx k&m

  2. this looks so adorable!

  3. I'd like to climb into that Louis Vuitton picture and live there