23 February 2012

It was a men's day...


  Last day of London Fashion Week was dedicated to menswear and even though I find used to think of it as boring, this day was anything but that. Maybe it's because of the London aura or the prints (and there were a lot of them) and colours, which we are used to relate with women. Maybe it's both.
  Anyway, there's no point in trying to figure it out alone, so here are the pictures of the catwalk...

J.W.Anderson Men

Martine Rose

Gieves & Hawkes


Christopher Shannon

Topman Design 
James Long

E. Tautz

Oliver Spencer

Matthew Miller

And here are some pictures of the NEWGEN MEN and Fashion East Men Installations, a live action men's fashion exhibition, where participated 16 emerging designers. When looking back at these pictures, I feel that it kind of brought fashion closer to art...

Sebastian Tarek

William Richard Green

Photos: londonfashionweek.co.uk


  1. Nice post! Thanks for your comment.


  2. I don't really know a lot about male fashion (well, I don't really think I know about fashion in general), but I find these collections pretty interesting. I especially like the most classical outfits. Somehow I prefer clasical style for men.

    1. You may not know anything about fashion as you say, but you know about style for sure!

  3. Wow! Beautifully made stuff :)
    Flower Show

  4. Hi thank you for following my blog, your comment really meant a lot as i only recently started the-carousel. I really like your blog too! Keep up the great posts :)

  5. Men's fashion is underestimated I think!! Please post more ... especially for men's hats and shoes!

    1. Thanks for the post! I totally agree with you!
      I promise you more about men's fashion in the days coming...