09 February 2012

PRADA's car collection

  Miuccia Prada chose a playful theme for her S/S 2012 collection: 50's cars. And her idea payed of. Of course, the whole collection exhaled a totally late '50s-early '60s atmosphere generally, and the "Sweetness" that Miuccia was looking for, specifically.
   The sweetness consisted of accordion-pleated sunray skirts and dresses -with car prints or not- in the style of Marilyn Monroe in "The Seven Year Itch" film. But under these we didn't see Monroe's classy heels, but a humorous car version of classic heels (playing with the kitsch element). The floral lace coats and loose varsity jackets looking like they were borrowed from the Elvis inspired men's collection couldn't be absent from the collection as also the yearning-for-pinup-silhouettes swimsuits.
  As for the bags, which has been an essential accessory of Prada collections since Miuccia took over the label, it was a big hit. Either car-printed or not, the vintage style grandma's purses and clutch bags completed the whole style. May this collection risked to seem a bit too funny, but eventually Miuccia won the toss towards herself by creating another great collection with her unique way...

And today I discovered these totally unconventional tights by les queues de Sardines which would match perfectly with a Prada car-shoe. As for me I'm gonna have a pair of them with or without Prada's car shoe, just to add a funny touch in one of those moody days... 

Prada photos: Style.com
les queues de Sardines: lesqueuesdesardines.myshopify.com

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