09 February 2012

A museum dedicated to hats

    The "Museo del capello Borsalino", opened in 2006, is a museum created to tell people the story of the Borsalino company founded by Giuseppe Borsalino in 1857. Borsalino was an Italian hat artisan and is  widely known today for his fedoras, or Borsalino hats, which he gave his name to.
  The museum, housed at the historical Sala Campioni in Palazzo Borsalino in Alessandria, Italy exhibits more than 2000 hats (chosen from about 4000 hats), including many models of different eras the company has produced, exposed in historical cabinets of the '20s. Along with the hats visitors can see also other products of the company such as ties, watches, perfumes, clothes and helmets.
  The collection is also supported by a well informed communication material, which includes old posters, prototypes, photos and films telling the story of the famous hat and presenting the production of today's factory.
  This museum contributes a lot to fashion history by telling us not only the story of the borsalino hat, but the story of a great part of fashion, which is the hat. Hats today may miss the significance they had for an outfit but fortunately there are such great ideas to remind us of it...

Vintage advertising poster

 Borsalino perfume "Borsalino pour elle"

Borsalino helmet

Classic borsalino hat

Poster of the movie "Borsalino"starring
Jean-Paul Belmondo & Alain Delon

Vintage advertising poster

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