08 June 2012

A delayed Sunny May...

Ok! Two months of absence is more than enough... But I have very good reasons for that and I'm sure you will understand... or, I hope you will so.

So, I left you on the 8th of April back in Athens, living in a small apartment with my boyfriend and our cat, searching for a job in London, preparing to apply at London College of Fashion for a Fashion Journalism Master and being in the brink of depression.

Two months later I have moved in London, have found a job, have applied at LCF and still waiting for a reply (hopefully positive) and have found myself again... Well, I feel kind of lonely, but I like it here. The only thing I don't like, and am trying not to thinking about, is the room where I'm gonna move in 4 days. I HATE London apartments. But I hope it will only last for 1 month and a half, so I will be patient. And now I see why my boyfriend called me stupid when I told him that I want to stay in Elephant and Castle, cause I love its name. Cause this area has nothing to do with the fairy tale name it firstly brought me in mind when I saw it on the map... But still, I hope I won't stay there long.

These two months of my absence were vital for my life and extremely busy, so I don't regret leaving you. The first one, until the 10th of May I had to manage be prepared for the IELTS Exams, which I needed to take in order to apply at the LCF, prepare my application for LCF and finally move out from my lovely apartment in Athens. The second month I had to come in London and search for a job, which didn't last long, while I was called for an interview my 3rd day here. So, three weeks later I am working part time at Gap and am searching for another part time job, cause I have to make a living here...

During my absence I tried some times to post something but I didn't manage it in the end. So, now I'm gonna post what I wanted to back in May, so don't wander about the sunny photos, cause it was already summer back in Athens when I left...
And these were my April-May inspirations more or less:

08 April 2012

Plex me up


These bags are the hottest thing I've seen lately! It's going to be the talk of the town and I'm sure of it. Urania Gazelli is a greek designer who decided to bring together the family business with fashion. And she 's doing great!
   Her plexiglass clutch bags blew our minds at Paris Premiere Classe one month ago with their originality  and elegance. I had never thought before that a material as cold as this could be transformed into such a fresh fashion item. The bags are totally handcrafted with Plexiglass being the basic material and are signed with the brand's signature gold sign on the inside.
   Sadly, they are not on the market yet but they are going going to be available on her website soon, for online purchases. As for the prices, there's going to be a range between 400-700 euros, which I find very logical if you consider how expensive the material is and that each one of them demands two full days of work until ready to be carried.

Let me know how you find them, cause I dream of the day I'll carry one of them...

Photos: uraniagazelli.com

04 April 2012

Tights, tights, tights...

    I know it's a bit late for tights now, as the weather is getting warmer day by day, but I couldn't help not sharing this collaboration with you. You probably are already aware of it and I would be as well if I was visiting asos more often, but I have to admit that I prefer Topshop as it concerns online shopping (my eyes can't stand the image overload over there and after a few pages I'm knocked out).
    So, back to the tights now. It's the collaboration of House of Holland with Pretty Polly that fascinated me and it's no wonder why. The colour variety is not wide, as they only come in two or three colours with black dominating the collection. The prints though are great and even the animal-printed version could become a part of my wardrobe (which would be so not me, as I I'm not very fond of animal prints, however this is a really good one). Thus I think you already got it: even though summer is approaching I'm going to buy a pair of them for sure... and I'm not sure if I'm going to wait until fall to wear them. Don't forget that there are also three pairs you can find exclusively to asos. Visiting this page can get you directly to the whole collection...
Have a nice shopping time!

Photos: Asos.com