25 February 2012

Milan Fashion Week!

 Milan's decision to move its fashion week's dates had a bad impact not only for journos and models trying to catch fashion shows in northern and southern Europe at the same time, but for us bloggers too; when having limited time for blogging you can't cover a big amount of shows and, as a result,  you stay behind. I have had the same problem but I promise to catch up in the days following...
   However, I'm sure that everyone has already forgiven Milan after having seen the first day's shows.
The most glamorous fashion week was holding for us a lot of fine leather and lace see-through dresses with emboidered  flowers. As for the rest, the main colour until now has been black and the lines pure italian, embracing the woman body and revealing it through ethereal fabrics...

Simonetta Ravizza

Paola Frani


John Richmond

Alberta Feretti

No 21

Francesco Scognamiglio

Sergio Zambon
For the Milan Fashion Week schedule and further information go to cameramoda.

Photos: imaxtree.com


  1. Love Italian lines so far I hope till the end of fashion week would see the same and better designs!

  2. Hey hon,
    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog about the dotted dress, that you expressed interest in. If you'd really like to buy it, email me at natashafatah at gmail dot com and let's see if we can coordinate a trade. :)