11 February 2012

Tribute to Amy Winehouse

  We all know the love that Jean-Paul Gaultier has for music, as except the cd single he had released back in the late 1980's he is related with many icons of the music industry and has designed the costumes for many singers' performances and tours. Unfortunately, as he stated, Amy Winehouse wasn't one of them, but it didn't stop him of creating a whole collection inspired of her style.
  Multiple Amys appeared on the catwalk, as it concerns the hair, the make-up and the attitude, but in a Gaultier way: he mixed her '50s-'80s style with his own unique theatrical one and the result was stunning. Leather pencil skirts and bustier tops coexisted with more eccentric pieces like a corset backed parka and a green taffeta trench. However, some of the bodies, appeared at last under the veils, brought Lady Gaga in my mind, rather than Amy.
  Despite the colourful combinations, that Amy wasn't choosing so often, and the romantic style dresses, you could feel her aura in the air. And the men-quartet performing during the show doo-wop versions her songs helped a lot in this...

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