08 March 2012

Colour Blocks-Leather Blocks

Issey Miyake

  Paris Fashion Week is officially over, but since I am unduly left behind I continue today with Sunday's shows...
  Well, Sunday started with Abstract Expressionism by the Swiss label Akris, where the designer Albert Kriemler, inspired from Franz Kline's Painting No 7, created a totally colour-blocked collection. The simple forms were structured partially by colour blocks and partially by fabric blocks, mostly leather, which  gave the effect of patchwork.
More interesting, though, was Issey Miyake's approach to the same motif: Yoshiyuki Miyamae tried cosy fabrics, like wool and cotton along with tech fabrics and colour-blocked tights, giving the collection a pop and, at the same time, classical feeling. However, the strongest colour-block perspective was Céline's one, with multiple different colour blocks on one particular garment.
   In addition, leather-blocked garments were presented by Maiyet, Costume National on asymmetrical outfits and by Hermès' Christophe Lemaire, who used the motif in a pure androgyne and folklore style collection. On the other hand, Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy used the same material in larger areas, such as coats, blazers and skirts.
   The couturiers Alexis Mabille and Bill Gaytten for John Galliano followed their own path, the one of luxury fabrics, romanticism and the sense of aristocracy that have set the bar high enough to reach.
Kenzo's Humberto Leon and Carol Lim did also so with their interior themed-brightly coloured collection bringing on the runway the missing '70s aura, which we had enough of back in New York. And alongside the magnificent collection there was the funniest show of Paris Fashion Week with extra Magnolia cupcakes for every guest.


Andrew Gn

Costume National


Alexis Mabille

Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake


John Galliano




Paule Ka


Photos: Style.com

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  1. I love the Akris outfit!!! Great coat

    BTW will definitely take your advice and visit the Guggenheim!