10 October 2011

Add some vintage air to your life...

  This week I got inspired from the wintery, cold weather in Athens and decided to focus on vintage looks which is something I 'm really into, whether it's coming of my grandma's closet, or Soretro, or even a common shop, where of course you don't expect to find real vintage pieces but new ones inspired by vintage eras.
In fact, I prefer the most the first choice, which has proved to date an inexhaustible source of retro clothes for me and never has let me down so far. A pencil wool skirt in the colour that I wanted, a white shirt as "see-through" as I wanted it etc.
  My grandma wasn't the most fashionable person of her time, and I suppose the same is true for most grandmothers, but it doesn't mean that I couldn't discover some key pieces like the above in her wardrobe. The same happens every time I visit my parents' house, my favourite goldmine, where I have found the greatest clothes and accesories ever, both of my mum's and my dad's closet.
  No matter where you can get your retro clothes, as there are so many different ways, it's worth trying  to make your own vintage-inspired closet. It's all about recycling.
  So, the following look was both inspired by retro pieces in my closet and the rainy day out there welcoming the winter...

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