12 October 2011


  We are not used to such nice fashion videos like this one and it makes me wish that the opposite was true.
It's funny, not ridiculous, making the clothes seem so alive and full of motion, and in the same time so chic, just like Lanvin has spoiled us! However, the best part remains the end, when Elbaz appears dancing.
  The collection reminds me a lot the one that Albert had designed for H&M last year. The same is true for the video too, as for the luxurious hotel environment. That video was also very good and funny in another way.
 So, I know only this for sure: Lanvin has a unique sense of humour, which makes it special.
Enjoy the video...

And here are some outfits of the collection. . . And it was very difficult for me to choose so few among them, as it was one of my favourite collections of this season.

 ...The whole  setup was excellent, so magical...!

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  1. Great video!! Keep feeding with such great posts!!!