24 October 2011

East meets West...

  Thinking of Junya Watanabe I would never before believe that he would create such a romantic collection as the one he created for the spring-summer season 2012.
  However, romanticism refers only to clothes, mostly dresses, most of them made of tablecloth-like lace, as Tim Blanks suggests in Style.com, or of flower printed cloths seem to be  embroidered by Peruvian old ladies. And as romanticism, in its artistic sense, is all about exaggeration, the amazing headgears, made of cock feathers, could be considered as romantic. As for the shoes, we saw two versions of the classic casino shoe, the style of those worn by the dancers of the style of Cuban salsa: the lace up one in black&white and the strap one in black.
  The whole atmosphere was unique, but we could never set the pieces together and see the big picture without Gene Krell, Vogue Japan's seasoned fashion director, who suggested the idea of a Latin American inspiration. From the traditional lace dresses to the cock feather headgears refering to "Latin dandy cocks of the walk" it was all about the Latin culture and tradition.

 Photos: Style.com

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  1. nice dresses, especially tha last one!!!! so elegant!!!!