11 October 2011

Faded flowers

  Fashion met Art in New York's fashion week this month but the result could be characterised anything but successfull. 
  The designer sisters Mulleavy used the famous Van Gogh's sunflowers and Walt Disney's bright colours (the greens and the purples as they explained) as patterns for Rodarte's S/S collection. However, the whole collection didn't exhale neither the lust the Dutch painter expressed for life through his works, nor Disney's lust for art. The knee-length dresses were of simple structures (reminding of prom dresses), giving the impression that they were made just to support the theme, which was really powerful.  
  But the collection did not only consist of knee-length dresses: floral midcalf-length pants and striped knee-length skirts made their appearance on catwalk too. Nevertheless, the best parts of the collection were the knitwear (perfect for a casual spring outfit) and the delicate evening maxi dresses, both responding to the reputation the sisters have created through the past years...

Photos: Style.com

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