25 September 2011

Back to school...

This month's Vogue Italy offers a special edition-fashion schools guide perfect for anyone who sees fashion professionally and not only as a hobby.

I refer to the Vogue Talents edition which provides anyone who wants to get into fashion industry vivid information on some of the top fashion schools worldwide, regarding the fields that every school/college is specialised on.

UK universities always stand out as some of the tops both for their fashion design studies but for those on fashion communication too. In addition, french schools continue dynamically the strong tradition in design, but as for the communication they have been left disappointly behind (how is it possible for a country with such a tradition in fashion and such a huge fashion edition industry not to be able to prepare adequately people interested in fashion editing?)
The big surprise for me on this matter was Italy, which as I noticed has a rapidly growing interest in both fields with many new schools emerging year by year.
The only fact I was disappointed of was the complete absence non European schools such as Japanese or Chinese, as their influence on fashion industry is going to grow more and more stronger over the years coming. Why should we be European-focused only? Don't other fashion centres exist worldwide except for the "western" ones?

 That's all for now. More details on schools, the faves etc will follow later due to temporary lack of backup...:)

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