30 January 2012

East meets West Vol 2

  Trying to analyse a Vivienne Westwood's show is like solving a really complicated puzzle. It's as difficult as for a Junya Watanabe's show.
  However, both of them remain of my favourites.  That's why in every one of their shows time stops and you empty your mind of anything else except the show. The same happened when I first saw V. Westwood's Spring/Summer 2012 fashion show; it felt like watching  a new Tim Burton movie: the gowns, the huge magnificent wedges, the make up created a little bit of neo-gothic atmosphere combined with the japanese tradition- which they were all inspired from- and  revealing at the same time Vivienne's West roots through draped dresses and accessories like hats, high heels and "I heart crap" purses. At last there were the extremely romantic 19th century "Corpse Bride" lace gowns.. Anyway, it was one of the season's most immersive shows!
 At last, I think it's better let the clothes speak for themselves...

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