08 June 2012

A delayed Sunny May...

Ok! Two months of absence is more than enough... But I have very good reasons for that and I'm sure you will understand... or, I hope you will so.

So, I left you on the 8th of April back in Athens, living in a small apartment with my boyfriend and our cat, searching for a job in London, preparing to apply at London College of Fashion for a Fashion Journalism Master and being in the brink of depression.

Two months later I have moved in London, have found a job, have applied at LCF and still waiting for a reply (hopefully positive) and have found myself again... Well, I feel kind of lonely, but I like it here. The only thing I don't like, and am trying not to thinking about, is the room where I'm gonna move in 4 days. I HATE London apartments. But I hope it will only last for 1 month and a half, so I will be patient. And now I see why my boyfriend called me stupid when I told him that I want to stay in Elephant and Castle, cause I love its name. Cause this area has nothing to do with the fairy tale name it firstly brought me in mind when I saw it on the map... But still, I hope I won't stay there long.

These two months of my absence were vital for my life and extremely busy, so I don't regret leaving you. The first one, until the 10th of May I had to manage be prepared for the IELTS Exams, which I needed to take in order to apply at the LCF, prepare my application for LCF and finally move out from my lovely apartment in Athens. The second month I had to come in London and search for a job, which didn't last long, while I was called for an interview my 3rd day here. So, three weeks later I am working part time at Gap and am searching for another part time job, cause I have to make a living here...

During my absence I tried some times to post something but I didn't manage it in the end. So, now I'm gonna post what I wanted to back in May, so don't wander about the sunny photos, cause it was already summer back in Athens when I left...
And these were my April-May inspirations more or less:


  1. Oh, I have the cat bag from ASOS http://www.girllilikoi.com/2012/04/cat-out-of-bag.html

    I love the white bag too the shape is so unique


  2. I hope it will all work out for you! The first six months in a new place are always tough because you are in a new environment and totally out of your comfort zone. Eventually it will all settle. Until then stay strong and enjoy the time for what it is!

    1. Thank you so much for the support!


  3. Welcome back dear and congrats on all these big changes of these last two months!!!Good luck with everything!If you want we can follow also on bloglovin, fashiolista, google+, twitter and facebook?
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  4. Elephant and Castle! I ate there when in Dublin. Bahaha!
    And I love the "Mermaids" movie!
    P.S. I miss you SOOOOO much!

  5. gorgeous post with pics of lush items

    AM FOLLOWING NOW hope you can follow me too if you like my blog. Its the only way I would remember to keep close to your blog